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need help? or just wanna ask a question? open an issue on this repo!

If you're having trouble installing a workshop on Mac or Linux, check out this guide

NodeSchool organizers can have discussions over here. If you want to create your own NodeSchool workshop, have a look at the workshoppers repo.

When you have a problem
 In general: 1 - Be nice, 2 - Be public, 3 - Be patient, 4 - Non-English is okay
 Suggestions: Check your installation, Provide full command output, Use markdown, Say thanks!, Close your issue, Bikeshedding
About Labels
Answering Issues: Use links, End with a question, Reformat issues, Apply priorities, Close issues

When you have a problem:

👉 Check out the FAQ! 👈

In general

1 - Be nice

All of the workshops and all of the discussions are done by volunteers and there is no guarantee that all questions get answered. If you only provide negative feedback and not constructive criticism your issue will probably get closed with no response.

2 - Be public

Don't email workshop authors directly, use the public discussion forum (the Issues) for all communication, that way your question and any answers you get can benefit everyone else.

3 - Be patient

It may take a day or two for people to respond here. Please don't send multiple messages in a row, it won't help your question get answered any faster.

4 - Non-English is okay!

If you can't read or write english well its better to write additionally your question in your native language. There are many people on this site and maybe people can help you in your mother-tongue. It may take slightly longer for somebody to reply to your question if it's not in English, though.


Check your installation

Often the installation on windows makes problems. But also other systems can experience troubles. Please also check out the installation suggestions if you have problems.

Provide full command output

To help us debug your problem please include all output from the commands you ran, including any error messages you received.

It also helps to include your node, npm, git or other CLI command versions, which you can get by running node -v, npm -v etc.

Use markdown

Github offers a lot of support to format your issue. It makes it easier for other people to understand your problem.

Say thanks!

The person that helped you did it out of the kindness of her/his heart. Tell your appreciation by saying thanks 😄 !

Close your issue

If you don't close your issue another person will have to clean it up later.


Its okay to bikeshed issues but if you do it would be nice to update it every 14days or so to let people know you still have interest.

About Labels

Only owners can add labels to the dicussions issues. We added a lot of labels that makes it easier for contributors to understand the content of an issue. There are labels that correspond to each nodeschool adventure, as well as some others, here are their intended meanings:

Label Meaning
bikeshedding This issue is kept open in case someone wants to jump in. It should be updated every now and then (~14days).
chapter request This label is for issues that are chapter requests.
contains hints for improvements This contains hints on how a workshopper/tutorial/website etc. can be improved. The issue should be closed when the improvement was added to the content in question as a PR or issue.
discussion thread This label is for threads that discuss other nodeschool related business.
general node.js This is a question not specific to a content in this repository but rather to node.js in general.
installation This is an issue with the installation of node or a workshopper.
mac This is an issue specific to computers with Mac OS X.
meta For issues that have to do with the running of nodeschool.
migrated For issues that have been migrated to another relevant repository.
needs some love This issue is not simple to answer or process. More effort than average needs to be put into this issue and it needs the love and support of the greater community.
probably self resolved This label is for the case that the person that asked the question has not answered for a longer period of time (~14 days). It should be used by the person who closes an inactive thread to show that she/he thinks that the user probably resolved this issue himself. Usually only closed issues should have this label.
question This issue contains a question that is not a problem.
seems resolved This label is to indicate that the issue seems resolved but the user forgot to close the issue. Usually only closed issues should have this label.
waiting for feedback This label is to remember that the issue has been answered but is waiting on additional information or more response.
windows This is an issue specific to computers running Windows.

If you have an issue that doesn't match a label, feel free to open an issue suggesting new labels!

Answering Issues

If you have an answer to a question please don't hesitate to add a comment, even if you're never answered one before! There are people who answer issues regularily but those are also volunteers and also only try to do their best.

It is not necessary to follow this but there are some things that we found useful to keep in mind:

Use links

Many questions are similar. If you can link to other issues or web content that makes your life easier. Keep in mind that the other person still needs an explanation why you give this link.

End with a question

If you add a question at the end it puts the ball back to the initial questionee and indicates that you think that this comment should fix the issue of the person. i.e.:

  • Could you try that?
  • Does that help you?
  • Does that solve your problem?
  • Do you need more information?

Reformat issues

Owners can edit issues. It is often not a good idea to change the issues but adding Syntax Highlighting often helps readability and increases the chances of a good response so that we consider that a good exception.

Apply priorities

In case you feel confident to answer multiple issues it might be a good idea to follow priorities. An example for priorities might be:

  1. Issues with no labels: Add labels
  2. Issues with no comments: Think of an answer
  3. Issues that are least recently updated: Add the waiting-for-response label in case its not given and ask a question in case none has been asked.
  4. Issues that need-some-love: Try to think how to resolve those because they need your love!
  5. Old Issues that are waiting-for-feedback Close them and mark as seems-self-resolved if they are more than a month old

Close issues

If you see an old issue lurking around feel free to apply labels as mentioned above and close the issue if reasonable!


🏫💬 need help with nodeschool? or just wanna ask a question? open an issue on this repo!






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