NodeSchool for Seattle!
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Seattle NodeSchool

Join the chat at

Learn more about the Seattle chapter at

Sign up for Seattle NodeSchool events at

Discuss the Seattle chapter in the issues queue:

Preparing for a workshop

Install node.js

Install node using the installer for your operating system found here:

Install javascripting and learnyounode

Install these two nodeschool workshops via the command-line:

npm install -g javascripting learnyounode

Check to make sure they are installed correctly. You should be able to run javascripting or learnyounode on the command-line and see a menu pop up that looks similar to this:


Check out other tutorials like these at

Install any that you might want to work on.

Issues & troubleshooting

Having issues with installation? Let us know by opening an issue here: Make sure to describe your problem in detail, including your operating system, what you used to install node, etc.

Choose a text editor

If you've already got a text editor you like, then this is complete!

Sublime, atom, & brackets are all good choices.

Command-line basics

We'll be working through interactive tutorials that are completed on the command-line.

Here are some basic commands that would be useful to learn about before the workshop

We'll be demoing how to complete the tutorials in the beginning of the workshop and will be available to help if there are any issues.