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Javelin Email Marketing (Discontinued, Abandoned)

Email marketing and newsletter plugin for WordPress

This is a WordPress plugin used to set up and run email marketing campaigns. With WPR you can:

  • Create a newsletter list - A set of subscribers to whom you can regularly email a broadcast from time to time.
  • Create a follow-up autoresponder series - A series of messages to be sent on a specific number of days since subscription to each subscriber

Subscribers can receive blog post deliveries, newsletter broadcasts and follow-up autoresponder messages all side by side.

How to Build

After making modifications to the plugin, you need to ensure that you have not yet broken any existing functionality. The way to do this is by:

Set up your copy of wordpress-unit (already placed in this repository under tests/). By following the instructions here - Unit Testing WordPress Plugins

After you make your changes, run the following command in the repository root:


If you see a green bar, you're all good to go.

Ongoing Rewrite

The plugin is currently undergoing a phased rewrite/refactoring. Don't be surprised if you find well written code somewhere and blasphemous ungodly warp of fecal matter in some other sections. I've made potentially every single mistake that a developer could possibily make, invented a few extra ones and made them all in this code base and I am working on getting the application to some level of stability which I am guessing is going to take a few months or even a year or two.
Making assumptions about the programming constructs that will be available in the plugin - functions, classes are not at all safe. The only constant between now and the future versions are the hooks and filters that I have implemented in the plugin. You can rely on them. If you want your own, implement them and write tests for them.

Bon voyage!


Email marketing and newsletter plugin for WordPress



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