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Install N|Solid via Homebrew
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N|Solid on Homebrew

Install N|Solid on macOS via Homebrew. You can now easily install and manage the only Node.js platform built for mission-critical applications.



First add the nsolid tap:

$ brew tap nodesource/nsolid

The N|Solid Runtime can be installed with or without the N|Solid Console.

To install the N|Solid Runtime and the N|Solid Console together:

$ brew install nsolid-console

And to install the N|Solid Runtime by itself:

$ brew install nsolid

Note: If you don't want Homebrew to attempt to overwrite preexisting node, npm, and npx files in /usr/local/bin, add --without-node to your N|Solid install command.


To update your version of N|Solid, simply run the upgrade command:

$ brew upgrade nsolid
$ brew upgrade nsolid-console


You can use Homebrew Services to start and stop N|Solid Console:

$ brew services start nsolid-console
$ brew services stop nsolid-console

Managing Versions

You can switch between N|Solid versions by using the switch command:

$ brew list --versions nsolid
$ brew switch nsolid <version>

If you have N|Solid installed via the Developer Bundle, please uninstall it before installing from Homebrew. You can uninstall by running:

$ sudo /usr/local/nsolid/uninstall
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