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Service Fabric + Windows Server 1709 volumes demo


Check out the blog post at



Set up a cluster

Run the following commands in PowerShell, replacing the cert path with your own

# Create a cluster
az sf cluster create `
  -g sf-1709 `
  -l eastus `
  --template-file sf-1709/template.json `
  --parameter-file sf-1709/parameters.json `
  --vault-name sf-1709 `
  --certificate-subject-name sf-1709 `
  --certificate-password 'Password#1234' `
  --certificate-output-folder .

# Import cert
Import-PfxCertificate -FilePath '.\sf-1709201802051346.pfx' -CertStoreLocation 'Cert:\CurrentUser\My\'

Create an Azure File share

az storage account create -n sf1709data -g sf-1709 --sku Standard_LRS
az storage share create -n minecraft --account-name sf1709data

Deploy Minecraft via Visual Studio 2017

Deploy the minecraft project from Visual Studio 2017