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api formatting

there's no one style for expressing a node api, but here are some common patterns with explanations:

var r = repo(name, opts={})

Produces a new REPO with name name. Valid opts keys include

  • db (required) - uses the levelup instance db
  • count (optional) - does the thing count times

Shows how to create an instance of an object. opts is indicated to be the empty object by default, and its required and optional parameters are detailed., cb(err, res))

Puts r to work. If hard is true, it'll even work pretty hard at it. cb will be called with the result of the work.

A method on the object. More importantly the indicator that it accepts a callback function (cb or callback are both popular names). The callback's parameters are named in work's signature.

r.pipe(stream), stream.pipe(r)

r implements a readable stream or writeable stream, respectively.

r inherits Readable or Writeable, or both.

r.on('foo', cb(bar))

r can raise an event named 'foo' with the argument bar.

r is an EventEmitter, and is known to emit an event with the given name. The callback that is ultimately called has the expected parameter bar.