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Envisioned Theme 0.5.6

Envisioned is a minimalistic theme inspired by Edward Tufte.


Simple, elegant, responsive documentation. This theme is based on the envisioned-css repo. The theme provides styles for margin notes, side notes, figures and responsive tables.

To get the full use of the responsive tables you must also utilize the YellowTablesaw-StackOnly plugin as well as the YellowJquery plugin to use the full power of the theme. It's recommended that you install both plugins.

How do I install this?

  1. Download and install Yellow.
  2. Download and install jQuery plugin.
  3. Download and install Tablesaw StackOnly plugin.
  4. Download envisioned.css, copy it into your system/themes folder.
  5. To enable the theme open file system/config/config.ini and change Theme: envisioned.

To uninstall delete the theme files and set default settings.

More information

Please use the documentation contained at the envisioned-css repo.

This theme is licensed under MIT.


All feedback is welcome.