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Awesome Noir

A curated list of resources for learning and programming in Noir.

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Official Resources

Get Coding

Dev Tools


  • noir-starter - Template repository containing example projects using Noir (Vite + Hardhat, Foundry, etc.)
  • noir-react-native-starter - Template repository containing an example minimal project using React Native


Data Types

  • BigInt - a library that provides a custom BigUint56 data type, allowing for computations on large unsigned integers
  • Fraction - a library for accessing fractional number data type in Noir, allowing results that aren't whole numbers
  • ZKFloat - a floating point library for Noir
  • Complex Numbers - This library offers a comprehensive suite of operations for complex numbers
  • Fixed Point Library - The FixedPoint library offers precise fixed-point arithmetic operations tailored for Noir
Dates & Times
  • Noir Dates - A Noir library to parse and abstract away Dates
  • DateTimeNr - A Noir library to parse and abstract away DateTime objects

Data Type Manipulation

  • Matrix Operations - a library for matrix operations provides functionality for performing various matrix operations
  • Statistical Library - Noir Statistical Library is a comprehensive library for statistical computations in the Noir language
  • Quantized arithmetic - a library for quantized value operations of zero-point quantization
  • Base64 - a library for base64 encoding
  • JSON parser - This library adheres to the revered IETF RFC 8259 specifications, ensuring precise interpretation of JSON-friendly strings
  • String Utils - A wrapper for String in Noir that adds some useful methods for common string operations


  • Griffin for BN254 - zk-friendly hash function
  • Hash to curve - Noir lib for hashing to bigger curves
  • Poseidon{2} - an improved implementation of Poseidon and its successor Poseidon2
  • SHA-1 - a library for generating hashes using SHA-1 hashing function
  • SHA-2 - a library for generating hashes using SHA-2 hashing function
Merkle Trees


  • ECrecover - a library to verify an ECDSA signature and return the source Ethereum address
  • Ethereum Storage Proof Verification - a library that contains the primitives necessary for RLP decoding (in the form of look-up table construction) and Ethereum state and storage proof verification (or verification of any trie proof involving 32-byte long keys)

Machine Learning

  • Convolution - a library for Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) library in Noir, including Convolutional layers, Pooling layers, and Linear (fully connected) layers
  • ML - a library for implementing neural networks in Noir
  • SKProof - a Scikit-learn compatible Python library for generating ZK proofs of execution
  • zkML-Noir - a library for Python ML model transcoding Noir, including various algorithms such as Decision tree, K-Means, XGBoost, FNN, CNN



Learning By Doing

  • [Practice Exercises] NoirGuardians
    • 3 quests that use storytelling and lore to teach basic programming in Noir, along with some advanced features that Noir offers
    • Get a first introduction to the Noir language, and learn how to integrate Noir programs into Solidity contracts
  • [Educational Curriculum] ZKCamp's Open Source Noir course
    • 6 lectures to give participants the knowledge and skills necessary to build decentralized applications based on ZKPs using Noir
    • Lessons include ZKP Fundamentals; An Introduction to Aztec Ecosystem; Noir Basics; Building a Noir Application; and Advanced Noir
  • [Practice Exercises] Noir-by-example
    • An introduction to Noir with a bunch of simple examples
    • Learn how to organize your Noir logic, write For Loops, and create complex package structures
  • [Video Series] BattleZips-Noir (Source Code)
    • Walkthrough of building an on-chain Battleships game using zero-knowledge
    • Follow along and build your own game using Noir
  • [Practice Exercises] Circuit Examples
    • Demonstration of dot products & Merkle proofs in Noir, in comparison to Circom and RISC0
  • [Educational Demo] scaffold-eth-2-noir
    • Small demo of a dApp with ZK-age restriction. UI, smart contracts and ZK-circuits.
    • Built with scaffold-eth.

Talks & Workshops

Blog Posts & Articles


  • ZK-Bench - Compare Noir to other ZK frameworks (Risc Zero, Leo, Miden, etc)


A curated list of projects powered by Noir.


  • SafeRecover - Recovery of ownership of Gnosis Safe accounts
  • ZCaptcha - A ZK version of Captcha
  • ZKPic - generate zero knowledge proofs for image edits




  • FruityFriends - Various circuits (Proof of Intersection, Proof of Proximity, Proof of Proper Secret) to be used in social applications
  • Rate Limiting Nullifiers - a zero-knowledge gadget that enables spam prevention in anonymous environments



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A curated list of awesome things related to learning and programming in Noir.







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