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Publish member & council lists in the `people` folder #3

flamsmark opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Tom Lowenthal kevinjos
Tom Lowenthal

The secretary should publish the lists of current member and council-members in the people folder of this repository.

[This issue does not come with a pull request, as that would expose the list to begin with.]

Tom Lowenthal flamsmark added the People label
Tom Lowenthal

Since changes to the membership of the council are organized by consensus, it makes sense to process them the same way as other consensus decisions.

Tom Lowenthal flamsmark added People and removed People labels

We should allow members to self-publish in the people folder. Should only members who self-publish be entitled to the privileges of council-membership? The need for privacy was affirmed on

Tom Lowenthal

This proposal reached consensus at the general meeting on 2014-03-18.
We agreed to discuss proposal #19 at a future meeting.

Tom Lowenthal flamsmark closed this
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