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Presentation at Real World Crypto 2018 by Trevor Perrin

Video explanation by David Wong

Developer Resources

Test vectors

Unofficial Crypto Algorithms List

noise-gen - generates handshake patterns

Noise Explorer - analyzes handshake patterns

Proposed Extensions and Spec Updates

spectemplate and spectools - use these to write extensions

Symmetric Crypto

Advanced 0-RTT

New Patterns

Framing and Negotiation

  • NoiseSocket (extension spec in progress)

  • NLS (extension spec in progress)

Noise Core Specification

Libraries and tools in progress (not yet on main website)

Nyquist - Another Go library

Dissononce - Another Python library



Noise-Rust - Another Rust library


enoise - An Erlang implementation

Noise.framework - An Objective-C/Swift wrapper around noise-c

Old Documents

Old specification (from 2013 to mid-2014 the Noise "spec" was kept in a wiki)