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LICENSE.txt removed hardcoded rectangular input image requirement Nov 6, 2019

This is a reimplementation of NVidia's stylegan I did for learning purposes. My priority was testing out changes such as non-square images and conditioning on labels (using acgan and projection discriminator) rather than keeping the code clean so right now it is a bit messy.

This has been tested, and supports features like rectangular images, but I am currently waiting on the most recent training session to finish before uploading results. Training and sample generation are both performed using ''.

It is mostly original, but includes a couple functions from the official implementation for comparison testing.

To run, see the comments in (and then run This has only been tested in one environment, so feel free to create a github issue if you encounter a problem. This model can handle non-square images and I plan on organizing and including the tools I've made/modified to generate datasets like that soonish.

Blogs related to a tool I made to interact with StyleGAN models:

Original Paper: Karras, T., Laine, S., and Aila, T. A style-based generator architecture for generative adversarial networks

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