A "hello world" for async/await with Babel and Regenerator
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A "hello world" showing how to use async/await (async functions) with Babel and Regenerator. Note in particular the .babelrc file and the use of require('regenerator/runtime').


Download the code, then run

npm install
npm start

It should print:

hello world

Browser version

To run in a browser, run:

npm run browser

This will build index.js using Browserify/Babelify and then open it in a browser, so you can verify that it works.

To see the built version, run:

npm run build

This will create a bundle.js you can inspect. By my measurements, the total size after uglify+gzip is 2922 bytes.

Sample output

function sayHello() {
  return regeneratorRuntime.async(function sayHello$(_context) {
    while (1) {
      switch (_context.prev = _context.next) {
        case 0:
          _context.t0 = console;
          _context.next = 3;
          return regeneratorRuntime.awrap(Promise.resolve('hello world'));

        case 3:
          _context.t1 = _context.sent;

          _context.t0.log.call(_context.t0, _context.t1);

        case 5:
        case 'end':
          return _context.stop();
  }, null, this);