The Nomyx game
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A Nomic game in Haskell

Nomyx is a fabulous and strange game where you have the right to change the rules in the middle of the game! In fact, changing the rules is the goal of the game. Changing a rule is considered as a move. Of course even that could be changed! In this game, the player can enter new rules in a dedicated language, modify existing ones, thus changing completely the behaviour of the game!

The web site:


First install Haskell Stack:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ curl -sSL | sh

To install from the GitHub repo:

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd Nomyx/nomyx-server
$ stack setup
$ stack install


Launch with the command:

$ stack exec nomyx-server

and follow the instructions. You may connect using a web browser to the provided address. You can play with the GUI and propose some rules!

Cloud deploy

docker build -t cdupont2/nomyx .
docker push cdupont2/nomyx
ecs-cli compose down
ecs-cli compose up


See the issues for known bugs.

Run tests with:

$ Nomyx/