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If you are looking for Angband, please go to http://rephial.org.

This is an experimental version of Angband with a mandate for rapid 
change. It will contain all the changes that any of the devteam want to 
try out in V but daren't. It will change a lot as these things go in and 
then get adjusted or taken out again. This is its nature, and it will 
always be striving for balance and coherence following each change. But 
it should allow those interested in testing changes to have fun doing 

A couple of things that v4 isn't:

- it isn't a complete rewrite. It started as a fork of Angband 3.4-dev 
and will remain largely written in C. Sorry Python fans!
- it isn't a variant with a theme - we're not suddenly going for a 
Cthulhu or Cyberpunk or McAffrey flavour. It will remain a 100-level 
Tolkien/D&D-esque dungeon romp based on V, with the same basic 
fantasy/mythical races/classes/monsters. Probably.
Other than that, there are no other strictures - anything could go in, 
or out. Nothing in v4 is guaranteed to be implemented in V. It will be 
highly volatile - we will strive to minimise actual crashing or 
game-breaking bugs, but you are strongly advised to finish a character 
before upgrading to a new version.

v4's experimental nature means that it will need constant balancing, so 
player feedback is more important than ever. If you like something, tell 
us. If you don't, tell us how you would like it changed, or if you would 
prefer it removed altogether.


-- the Angband devteam