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Meow Shoes

Musical sensor enabled shoes project. The first version of these were created at the Vegas Hack Fashion Tech Hackathon 2013.

Force sensitive resisters placed at the heel and toe of each shoe communicate via Arduino and serial to sequence musical loops in the browser.

Demo video from the hackathon is here.

meow shoes

You can now make your own Meow Shoes! Tutorial featured in Make: JavaScript Robotics by O'Reilly Media.

javascript robotics book cover

Other potential uses

  • Make each tap emit a different 'meow' sound effect. Your pets and family might not be all that impressed with this as the novelty wears off. Take it from someone who knows.
  • Navigate through an RPG game with your feet
  • Send secret morse code messages to your loved ones via the art of interpretive dance
  • Create a painting application that lets you make art with simple choreography
  • Make another pair for a friend, and have interactive balancing/running/sports competitions

Stuff I used, written by talented people

  • Web Audio API (Chrome) - link
  • Abbey Load helper - link
  • Node.js - link
  • - link
  • Johnny-Five - link

Thank you, all of the authors of the above libs/modules are way better programmers than me.