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zombie (r)evolution environment

the zombie (r)evolution environment simulator (i just call it zre) is kind of... uhm...yeah. that's still the problem. i dunno what it really is. once, in a lazy night i got to get away from my work. i thought about a tiny "world" written in bash and randomization of events which could happen in the world.

i am briefly talking about a tiny bash script, which generates his own tiny story of a world and the battle of two "sides". so i wrote up the zre to let humans fight against zombies. that's it.

who's gonna win? its $RANDOM's decision.

playing with zombies

usage is simple. get it and run zre.bash.

$ git clone git://github.com/noqqe/zombie-revolution-environment.git
$ cd zombie-revolution-environment
$ ./zre.bash

see zre.example for gameplay.

the environment and it's events

there's a handful of events in zre.

  • born: a new member gets born. no matter which side.

  • die: the title already faced it. a member dies.

  • info: prints some informations about a random side.

  • attack: one side decides to attack the other.

  • support: a side gets support. usually a random number of existing members.

  • stats: upgrade of standard stats (100|100) to (112|100) for example

  • nature: prints some informations about weather and sometimes a vulcano explodes or something.

  • building: the humans build a rocket station or something. Seven steps to make the rocket ready!

attack rules

both sides got strength and defense skills. skills are around 100 points. each human/zombie got 100 skillpoints in defense and strength.

lets' have a look at the example: humans attack zombies.

strength example: 50 humans * 100 strength-points = 5000 strength-points
defense example: 50 zombies * 80 defense-points = 4000 defense-points
fight: humans 5000 strength vs. zombies 4000 defense
result: humans win.

basic stats for humans:


basic stats for zombies.


create new events by yourself

zre is using bash functions to create a event. it's very easy to add own events to zre.

  • create a function in events/
  • you can use the template in doc/
  • define your special stuff in there
  • run zre.bash

daemon mode

there is a little --daemon gaming mode to print the output in a defined file. see conf/zre.conf for output file.

since zre is used for web on zombies.n0q.org, there is a little debian init script in doc/ to use it on servers easily. this script is not nessecary for normal use.

./zre-init start|stop|restart

attention: do not use the init script without understanding/modificating it!

sql statistics module

the sql statistics module could be enabled by

$ vim conf/sql.conf
# turn sqlmodule on or off

this module is very additional. it is just used for additional informations for long time game environment, like in zombies.n0q.org. I'm gonna track some informations in a local mysql database. It's just because i love statistics.

If you want to turn it on, fill in the following informations

# turn sqlmodule on or off

# sql database host

# sql database user

# sql database password

# sql database

and at least, create the database and its structure:

$ mysql -u root -p -e "create database DBNAME;"
$ mysql -u root -p DBNAME < doc/zre_database.sql 

there is a little module in lib/sqlzre.library.bash. it is taking all the informations and send it automatically to the sql server. see the bash script for further details.


the module is turned off by default

bugs and ideas

please report it! would be great if anyone of you got further ideas.