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Contributors: norbusan, vpiwigo
Tags: galleries, pictures, randomize, shortcode, gallery, integration, photos, drag, drop, widget, media, piwigo
Requires at least: 2.8.4
Tested up to: 4.9.4 Stable tag: 2.32 License: GPLv2 or later
License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html

From any open API Piwigo gallery, swiftly include your photos in Posts/Pages and/or add randomized thumbnails and menus in your sidebar.


On the one hand, PiwigoPress is a WordPress Sidebar Widget that links your blog to some public pictures of a Piwigo gallery. Thus, a Piwigo gallery with several public pictures in it is a prerequisite to make it working. But even if you don't have one yet, you can nonetheless give this plugin a try by using the Official Piwigo demonstration gallery before setting up your own gallery.

PiwigoPress generates several highly valuable links in sidebars of your WordPress blog, all of them being optional: a thumbnail linking to the corresponding picture page, menus directing to all albums defined as public in the gallery, several additional links to most recent, most viewed, most commented pictures, and more.

On the other hand, by using a shortcode [PiwigoPress ...] you can add any public picture of a Piwigo gallery. Here again you should try even though you don't have yet your Piwigo Gallery. Have a look with [PiwigoPress id=72 url='http://piwigo.org/demo'] in a post or page.

Above all, PiwigoPress provides a shortcode generator. Each time you add some pictures to your gallery you will be able to add a post related to your last uploaded photos. So, your friends and family are going to like your photos and Search Engines are going reference your gallery with the refbacks provided by PiwigoPress.

When you've finished testing and want to create you own gallery, go to the Piwigo download page, where you'll find all the links you might need.

Try "NetInstall" first. If it fails, switch to the "Package" download and follow the full installation procedure. When ready, if you are a bit lost, just try Photos add page sheets (Web form, Applications, FTP + Synchronization) in your Piwigo gallery administration page.

Development of PiwigoPress is open to contributions, please use the github page for patches, bug reports, and issues.


How to install manually PiwigoPress and get it working ? (automatic installation is working perfectly).

  1. Upload PiwigoPress complete folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress
  3. Access to Widgets, draw PiwigoPress to the sidebar you want or create/update a post/page and click on the PP icon above the editor area.
  4. Don't forget that any gallery URL is the folder address (ending with a slash ("/") where is ws.php is available.
  5. The selected gallery Webservices have to be opened, and some public pictures have to be available (and unlocked).

Explanation of Plugin Widget data fields.

  • Title: To use in the sidebar
  • Local directory (if local): Piwigo installation directory (on the same website)
  • (or) External gallery URL: URL to the gallery (if not local)
  • Square, Thumbnail, XXS - tiny,... : see you Piwigo configuration [Photo sizes] admin page
  • Orientation criteria : Any, portrait, landscape
  • Link type: Where to open photos on clicks
  • Sort order: select photos according to these criteria - by default descending (most recent for dates)
  • Ascending order: if one want ascending order
  • Number of pictures (0=none): Number of thumbnails to get

Optional parameters

  • Album id (0=all): Pictures from a specific Piwigo album or from all
  • Since X months (0=all): Age of posted picture
  • Pre and post-code: raw html code that is added just before the images
  • CSS DIV class: For your blog design
  • CSS IMG class: For your blog design
  • Album menu: Includes all links related to Piwigo albums

All below selectable option are special Piwigo links to include:

  • Most visited
  • Best rated
  • Most commented (need a plugin in the client gallery)
  • Random
  • Recent pics
  • Calendar
  • Keywords
  • Comments

Explanation of Plugin Shortcode attributes.

  • id: (required) Photo Numeric identifier. It's also possible to specify several ids for one shortcode, e.g.: id='2,5-7,4'
  • url: (mandadory for first usage in a post or to change to another) domaine or domaine/piwigo-folder
  • size: (default size='la') 2 letters as sq(Square), (th)Thumbnail, (2s)XXS - tiny, (xs)XS - extra small, (sm)S - small, (me)M - medium, (la)L - large, (xl)XL - extra large,(xx)XXL - huge : see you Piwigo configuration [Photo sizes] admin page
  • class : (optional) additional CSS class selectors at DIV tag level (e.g. class="img-drop-cap img-shadow left")
  • style: (optional) any additional CSS rules at DIV tag level (e.g. style="background-color: rgba(16, 64, 192, 0.05);")
  • name: (0,1,auto) (0 by default) add the photo name in a blockquote from name field: 0 disables, 1 enables, 'auto' tries to show only names that do not look like auto-generated names (group of character followed by group of digits with optional picture extension coinciding with file name)
  • desc: (0,1) (0 by default) add the photo description in a blockquote from description field in the Edit photo [Properties] admin page if there is a filled description there
  • lnktype: (string, default lnktype='picture') 'none' : no link, 'picture' : link to picture.php, 'album' : link to index.php/category, 'albumpicture' : link to picture.php within the album
  • opntype: (string, default opntype='_blank') '_blank': open link in new window or tab, '_self': open link in same window/tab

"style" is not used by the Shortcode generator

Frequently Asked Questions

Widget (only): How can I get any thumbnails ?

  • Just have the URL without the /index.php? on the end.
  • Just have recent pictures in the gallery.
  • Change Since X months (0=all) from 12 to 0
  • Set "Number of pictures (0=none)" to 1 or 2
  • If it doesn't work, see the provided screenshots...

How can I get other sizes ? I only have thumbs and squares.

  • In your gallery admin pages, find Configuration and there select: Options > Photo sizes > Multiple size > show details

How can I get squared thumbnails ?

  • maybe you should try to upgrade your gallery to Piwigo 2.4.x or above.
  • See screenshots

Widget (Only): With Link type Album which album would be selected ?

If Album = 0 the link will remain to the picture page. Otherwise, if Number of pictures > 0 the first picture will link the Album page, next pictures will refer to their picture page.

Shortcode (Only): With Link type Album which album would be selected ?

Picture is going to have a link to its most recent Album page (Upcoming releases should cover other cases).

Shortcode generator (only): Why did I get a warning message ?

  • Message is "No available public picture or Piwigo release < 2.4.x" (Won't be translated)
  • Disconnect you from the gallery and try to access to any Albums, maybe all pictures are locked or private
  • Second possible cause: Old piwigo release. Only recent releases (2.4 and above) provide several picture sizes.
  • Backward compatibility below Piwigo 2.4 is limited to Widget sidebar functions

How do I arrange images horizontally?

Since images are generated in the following way:

<div id="..." class="PiwigoPress_photoblog">
   <div class="PWGP_shortcode <something>">

horizontal alignment can easily be achieved by adding the following code to either custom css or child theme css:

.PiwigoPress_photoblog {
.PWGP_shortcode {


###1. Widget parameters for the demo gallery ### Widget parameters for the demo gallery

###2. Expected result in your sidebar### Expected result in your sidebar

###3. Widget parameters for your gallery (on the same domain)### Widget parameters for your gallery (on the same domain)

###4. Piwigo admin Photo sizes (from a Gallery website)### Piwigo admin Photo sizes (from a Gallery website)

###5. PiwigoPress shortcode samples### PiwigoPress shortcode samples

###6. PiwigoPress shortcode generator above Post/Page editor usable with both Visual/HTML editor.### PiwigoPress shortcode generator above Post/Page editor usable with both Visual/HTML editor.

###7. Buttons, Drag and Drop zones for a total intuitive interface.### Buttons, Drag and Drop zones for a total intuitive interface.

###8. Generation and insertion of the shortcodes are done at caret (insert cursor) position.### Generation and insertion of the shortcodes are done at caret (insert cursor) position.

###9. Expected result on your page or post of your Wordpress blog. ### Expected result on your page or post of your Wordpress blog.


PiwigoPress WordPress Plugin

Copyright 2009-2012 VDigital Copyright 2014-2015 Norbert Preining

Contributions by

Rüdiger Schulz 2015 (copyright transfered) Anton Lavrov 2015

Anton Lavrov's contribution are under GPLv2+: On Wed, 15 Jul 2015, Anton Lavrov wrote:

Hi Norbert,

I hereby confirm that my contributions are under GPLv2 or higher.

Please let me know if this is not exactly the wording you need.

PiwigoPress is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL version 2+

This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA



  • relax requirement what image sizes galleries have to provide (Issue 21)
  • allow selecting the order of photos for the widget (Issue 20)


  • multiple image ids can be used in the shortcode (by Anton Lavrov)
  • support for displaying the photo name (title) (by Anton Lavrov)
  • shortcode generator - support name setting
  • fix 'albumpicture' setting not being preserved


  • security related improvements by Rüdiger Schulz, big thanks!


  • use "album" instead of "category" in the user interface, as this is what Piwigo calls it (Issue 14)
  • allow loading of albums from remote installations (Issue 13, 5)


  • widget configuration now allows adding html code just before and after the included photos, but before the divs. This requires the 'unfiltered_html' permission for the user editing the widget.


  • new parameter for widget and shortcode: opntype: '_blank' (open in new window/tab) or '_self' (open in same) (Issue 10)
  • set alt parameter of images to 'name' (plus 'comment', if available) if the piwigo image (Issue 8)
  • make widget configuration background white instead of transparent for readability


  • fix some peculiarities with the album list download
  • update compatibility to 4.1


  • new maintainership
  • fix compatibility with piwigo 1.6 and wordpress 4.0
  • allow url to be "/foo/bar" like on local server, preserving http(s)
  • fix compatibility with tinyMCE v4 (WordPress 1.9)
  • support //host/path and use either http or https
  • link tagets to photo are now within the first album of the photo
  • permalinks are used for albums as far as possible
  • support pulling from a specific album instead of only from all photos



  • New shortcode parameter lnktype = 'picture', 'none', or 'album' (most recent album id) : indicates the link type of the shortcoded picture
  • Small bugs (functional defects) within Shortcode generator have been corrected
  • Shortcode generator generates lnktype parameter
  • New widget parameter Link type (Differ from lnktype here above) "album" link the first picture to the selected album id
  • New Caption widget parameter to have the caption directly with the displayed and selected pictures.
  • Sidebar widget has been totally rewritten


  • Minor issues solved in drag & drop.
  • jQuery code reviewed
  • WordPress 3.4.2 support If you don't have your own up-to-date Piwigo gallery, just try it with Piwigo demo URL: http://piwigo.org/demo/


  • Edit post/page shortcode generator using Drag-n-drop (a useful tool for your photoblog). If you don't have your own up-to-date Piwigo gallery, just try it with Piwigo demo URL: http://piwigo.org/demo/


  • I18n version (Hugarian)
  • Widget: Largest sizes added (from user request)
  • WordPress shortcode for post/page: e.g. [PiwigoPress id=72 url='http://piwigo.org/demo/']


  • Support of WordPress from 2.8.0 to 3.4.1 (and probably above)
  • Support of Piwigo 2.4.x (and probably above)
  • Support of Piwigo 2.0.x - 2.3.x assumed
  • cURL access support (3rd way to solve webservice call issues)
  • CSS DIV class: img-shadow and/or img-show-desc are now provided
  • Orientation filtering


  • Alternate pwg_get_contents (file_get_contents, fsockopen, ...)
  • cURL is coming


  • Project rename: Directory name changed for WordPress constraints
  • Language issue solved
  • Pre-version for WordPress publication


  • Project rename: Public Piwigo WordPress Widget becomes PiwigoPress
  • I18n version (Italian)


  • I18n version (French, Spanish,...)
  • Link bug with some theme... Solved.


  • First version.

Upgrade Notice




Swiftly transform your blog in a photoblog.


Previous PiwigoPress releases didn't support the most Piwigo recent releases (if you upgrade your Piwigo Gallery to 2.4.x or above, PiwigoPress 1.04 and older releases will fail).