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Neunity is a framework providing the toolset and workflow to increase the development effiency for NEO Smart Contracts (SC) and C# Dapps. Via Neunity, we can

  • build testcases or put breakpoints to debug your SCs locally, dispensing testnet interaction.
  • reuse SC logic in corresponding Unity (or other .Net) client projects.
  • avoid common NEO SC development mistakes as they are encapsulated.
  • HTTP server-like SC developement flow.
  • Flexible and convenient seralization and custom type managment.
  • Other expanding features...

Neunity's final target is to make large-scale NEO blockchain projects practical. It's still in very early stage so welcome suggestions and code contribution from the community.

In General, Neunity provides a 3-layer structure demostrated in the following figure.

  • Adapter Layer provides unique upward interfaces and encapsulates the implementation differences between NEO SC and other C# application platforms. So we can make the local debugging and code sharing feasible.
  • Tool Layer provides a series of tools to simplify and standardize (Optional) the flow for development. Currently we have NuTP for HTTPlike protocol, NuSD for seralization and NuIO for storage management.
  • Application Layer is the layer that developers can focus on their busniess logic without concerning majority blockchain related knowledge or NEO related C# language restrictions.


Please refer to following articles to further understand how to utilize Neunity.

  1. How to use Visual Studio to debug NEO SC(C#): Introduction. VIDEO
  2. NuSD: Neunity Serialization.Introduction
  3. NuTP: Neunity Transfer Protocol, a HTTP-like Application layer communication protocol between NEO smart contract and client Dapp.Introduction
  4. Other features: Storage, Continous Integration, etc.

Please provide more failure testcases and suggest more functions and tactics. With the community's help, we can make it more powerful.

Contact: @dprat0821 on Github and Discord. Thanks