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X-Road® Data Exchange Layer

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About the repository

This repository contains information about the X-Road, its source code, development, installation and documentation.

X-Road source code

The source code of X-Road is published under the MIT open source licence. X-Road is free of charge and can be implemented by any organisation.

What is X-Road?

X-Road® is open-source software and ecosystem solution that provides unified and secure data exchange between organisations.

X-Road overview

X-Road Data Exchange Layer is a standardised, cohesive, collaborative, interoperable and secure data exchange layer that gives service providers a completely new kind of opportunity of making themselves visible in services directed at citizens, businesses and civil servants. Creating entities that combine many different services and data sources is easy and cost efficient.

  • Improves the quality of existing services and products
  • Enables new types of service innovations
  • Savings in infrastructure, archiving and other costs
  • Standardised data security and privacy protection
  • Easy implementation, data access via interfaces – after connecting all included services are available

See X-Road product website for more information about X-Road.

Development of X-Road

X-Road development model and all the related documentation is published and maintained in the X-Road Development GitHub repository.

How to contribute?

Guidelines for the X-Road contributors are available here.

X-Road installation

How to build X-Road?

See instructions in src/

Local installation

X-Road central servers, configuration proxies and security servers can be automatically installed with the Ansible scripts found in ansible subdirectory. See instructions in ansible/

X-Road technical documentation

Further information about X-Road

X-Road developer resources

Support disclaimer

The following activities, among others, are undertaken by the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS) with regard to the X-Road core software:

  • management, development, verification, and audit of the source code
  • administration of documentation
  • administration of business and technical requirements
  • conducting development
  • developing and implementing principles of licensing and distribution
  • providing second-line support for the NIIS members
  • international cooperation.

X-Road Technology Partners are enterprises providing X-Road support and consultation services, e.g. deploying independent X-Road instances, developing X-Road extensions and X-Road-compatible services, integrating informations systems with X-Road etc.

X-Road Community is the global community of X-Road users and enthusisasts. The community is for anyone interested in X-Road. It's about learning from others and sharing the skills and experiences of how to create better digital services both technically and business-wise.

X-Road Academy provides online training for developers, users, operators, consultants, service providers and for anyone willing to learn more about X-Road.