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@norgeotloic norgeotloic released this Nov 8, 2018

A few sweet updates are brought in 1.0.2:

  • An ultimate Symmetry button?
  • Mesh relaxation operator
  • Modular code for the remeshing operators
  • Minor UI update

Symmetry and mesh relaxation:

Symmetry and mesh relaxation, showcasing the UVs being preserved!

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@norgeotloic norgeotloic released this Nov 6, 2018

1.0.1 is a minor update from 1.0, improving a few points, mainly on UI and the remesh operators:

  • UI clarifications
  • The "Dirty" quadrilateral method works really well now, and its main parameter is now a number of faces
  • All the remeshed operators now give meaningful output and create nicely named objects
  • Little cleanup here and there... But at least, it looks stable!
    Tutorials will be made with this UI, so it might be worth "upgrading" from 1.0.0, although at the moment you'll still have to re-configure the executable paths at each update...
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@norgeotloic norgeotloic released this Nov 4, 2018

Finally, it's here...

BakeMyScan now has its website where you will find all the relevant information:

Install from the file, and follow the instructions available here in order to configure the addon.

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@norgeotloic norgeotloic released this Nov 1, 2018

Some more progress is being made!

Under the right context, all the operators seem to work correctly. Most of them still need some uniformization though.

New "quasi-working" operators:

  • Dynamic HDRI setup with previews
  • Baking textures to textures
  • Baking textures to vertex colors
  • Clean not used / not selected
  • Export to fbx + images

Also, i included a panel with some useful links.

Next steps: finish the website, fix [this milestone issues], document, make a video, add tests... That's actually still a little way to go before the beta!

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@norgeotloic norgeotloic released this Oct 30, 2018

The biggest change for this release is probably the setup of continuous integration with Travis CI.

More than fancy good-practices, it allows me to make sure that the different operators work as expected, and forces me to make a lot of improvements on the handling of operators contexts, easing the usage of the operators in external python scripts.

To understand the different steps of testing, feel free to check out the .travis.yml and files.

At this point, all operators under the Import, Remesh and Material panels should nearly work flawlessly, although I still need to make a clear documentation on the usage and fix a few strange side effects.

Some progress is being made, and the next release will implement the baking operators and re-integrate the scripts!

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@norgeotloic norgeotloic released this Oct 25, 2018

The import functionalities and remeshing interfaces should all work fine (Mac, Linux and Windows).

The baking part of the addon is still not clear though, and scripts are still broken, so only available for reference in the 0.1 release.

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@norgeotloic norgeotloic released this Oct 17, 2018

Only parts of the add-on are working correctly right now, but a 0.2 will come very soon!

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