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Puppy Linux Installer Creator (PLIC)

Please Use LICK Instead

There are some architectural flaws in PLIC that have been addressed in LICK. LICK supports more versions of Windows, such as Windows 10, and supports UEFI bootloaders. Additionally, LICK takes ISO files as input - users no longer need to wait for the latest distribution of Puppy is compiled to an EXE before installing it.

How to Use

Open up your .iso, and put the sfs, intrd.gz, vmlinuz and any other needed files (like "zdrv_123.sfs") into the "puppyFiles" folder.

Next, open up "Settings.nsh" in a text editor, and fill in the info there. Make sure you save it!

Now open up NSIS (C:\Program Files\NSIS\makensisw.exe), then drag "main.nsi" into the box.

Your installer will then be created, and put into the same folder as main.nsi.