@@ -1,14 +1,59 @@
+- Added support for user configuration files. Thanks to Antoine Pitrou for the
+ patch.
+- Fixed bug that caused profiler plugin to leak 0-byte temp files. Thanks to
+ Antoine Pitrou for the patch.
+- Made usage of temp files in profiler plugin more sensible. Thanks to Michael
+ Sclenker for the bug report.
+- Fixed bug that stopped loading of twisted TestCase tests. Thanks to Kumar
+ McMillan for the bug report.
+- Corrected man page location. Thanks to luke macken for the bug report and
+ patch.
+- Added with_setup to Thanks to Allen Bierbaum for the bug
+ report.
+- Altered plugin loading so that builtin plugins can be loaded without
+ setuptools. Thanks to Allen Bierbaum for the suggestion.
+- Fixed a bug in the doctests plugin that caused an error when multiple
+ exclude arguments were specified. Thanks to mbeachy for the bug report and
+ patch.
+- Added nosetests setuptools command. Now you can run python
+ nosetests and have access to all nose features and plugins. Thanks to James
+ Casbon for the patch.
- Added make_decorator function to Used to construct decorator
functions that are well-behaved and preserve as much of the original
function's metadata as possible. Thanks to Antoine Pitrou for the patch.
- Added nose.twistedtools, contributed by Antoine Pitrou. This module adds
@deferred decorator that makes it simple to write deferred tests, with or
without timeouts.
-- Added nosetests setuptools command. Now you can run python
- nosetests and have access to all nose features and plugins. Thanks to James
- Casbon for the patch.
+- Added monkeypatch to doctests that keeps doctest from stepping on coverage
+ when the two plugins are used together. Thanks to David Avraamides for the
+ bug report.
+- Added isolation plugin. Use this plugin to automatically restore sys.modules
+ after each test module or package. Thanks to Michal Kwiatkowski for the
+ feature request.
+- Fixed bug where -vvvv turned off verbose logging instead of making it even
+ more verbose. Thanks to Ian Bicking for the bug report.
+- Fixed bug where assert inspection would fail when the trailing """ of a
+ docstring was one of the inspected lines. Thanks to cito at online dot de
+ for the bug report.
+- Updated attrib plugin to allow selection of test methods by attributes of
+ the test case class. Thanks to Jason Hildebrand for the patch.
+- Improved compatibility with python 2.2. Thanks to Chad Whitacre for the
+ patch.
+- Fixed bug in handling of options from setup.cfg. Thanks to Kumar McMillan for
+ the patch.
+- Fixed bug in generator methods, where a generator method using an inline
+ funciton would result in an AttributeError. Thanks to Antoine Pitrou for the
+ bug report.
+- Updated coverage plugin to ignore lines tagged with #pragma: no cover,
+ matching the behavior of on the command line. Thanks to Bill
+ Zingler for the bug report.
+- Added a man page for nosetests. Thanks to Gustavo Noronha Silva for the
+ request and providing an example.
@@ -7,4 +7,5 @@ include unit_tests/*/*/*/*/*.py
include NEWS
include README.txt
-include lgpl.txt
+include lgpl.txt
+include nosetests.1
@@ -1,19 +1,16 @@
-New in version 0.9.1
+New in version 0.9.3
-Nose 0.9.1 is mainly a bug-fix release, but it does contain a few new
+nose 0.9.3 is mainly a bugfix release. The one new feature is support for user
+configuration files: now you can put your frequently used configuration
+options in .noserc or nose.cfg files, rather than typing them over and over
+and over again. Many thanks to Antoine Pitrou for that patch, and thanks to
+all of the other users who reported bugs and submitted patches and
-* The --where (-w), --include and --exclude arguments may now all appear
- multiple times in a single command line, allowing easier running of
- multiple test suites and test suites with more diverse layouts.
-* For programmatic use, nose.runmodule() was added. Similar to
- doctest.runmodule() and unittest.main(), nose.runmodule() will load and run
- tests in the current module, which defaults to __main__.
-* A number of changes to plugins and plugin hooks make current plugins work
- better and allow more interesting plugins to be written.
+Barring catastrophic bugs, this will be the last release of nose in the 0.9
+series. An alpha release of nose 0.10 should be forthcoming within a few
+weeks. Details about the new features and architecture changes in nose 0.10
+may be found here_.
-Just about everything in this release was driven by requests from
-users. Thanks to the many folks who filed bug reports and suggested features,
-ideas and solutions to thorny problems.
+.. _here:
@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@ understand and hack. Other goals include:
interact with tests more easily.
This involves some major changes to how nose loads and runs tests.
Changes to loading
@@ -125,6 +125,11 @@
margin-bottom: 0px;
+ p.note {
+ background: #fed;
+ border: 1px solid black;
+ padding: 6px;
+ }
@@ -157,11 +162,11 @@
<p>Sign up to receive email announcements
of new releases</p>
- <h2><a href="">Trac</a></h2>
+ <h2><a href="">Tracker</a></h2>
<p>Report bugs, request features, wik the wiki, browse source.</p>
<h2>Get the code</h2>
- <p><tt>svn co</tt></p>
+ <p><tt>svn co nose</tt></p>
<h2>Other links</h2>
@@ -191,6 +196,11 @@
+ <p class="note">
+ On most UNIX-like systems, you'll probably need to run these commands
+ as root or using sudo.
+ </p>
<p>Install nose using setuptools:
<pre>easy_install nose</pre>
@@ -201,14 +211,27 @@
<pre>python install</pre>
- %(body)s
- <h2><a name="tools"></a></h2>
+ <p>If you have an older version of setuptools installed, you may see an
+ error like this:
+ <blockquote>
+ <tt>The required version of setuptools (>=0.6c5) is not available, and
+ can't be installed while this script is running. Please install
+ a more recent version first.</tt>
+ </blockquote>
+ In that case, you'll need to update your setuptools install first,
+ either by running:
+ <pre>easy_install -U setuptools</pre>
- %(tools)s
+ or:
- <p><b>FIXME:</b> use pudge to generate rst docs for all tools funcs</p>
+ <pre>python</pre>
+ </p>
+ %(body)s
<h2><a name="commands"></a>nosetests setuptools command</h2>
@@ -221,15 +244,15 @@
<h2>Bug reports</h2>
<p>Please report bugs and make feature
- requests <a href="">here</a>.</p>
+ requests <a href="">here</a>.</p>
- <p><a href="">Write
+ <p><a href="">Write
plugins!</a> It's easy and fun.</p>
<p>Get the code:
- <pre>svn co</pre>
+ <pre>svn checkout nose</pre>
<p><a href="">Patches are
@@ -239,8 +262,7 @@
tree easily.
- <p>Thanks to the great folks at python hosting for providing the
- subversion repository and trac instance.</p>
+ <p>Thanks to Google for providing the Google code hosting service.</p>
<h2><a name="changelog"></a>Changelog</h2>
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