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An ESLint plugin to load project-specific ESLint rules
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Allows a local directory containing ESLint rules directory to be easily used. This is a substitute for the --rulesdir option that can be used without a command-line flag.

Experimental: This plugin is currently a proof-of-concept. Its API is likely to change in the future.


You'll first need to install ESLint:

$ npm i eslint --save-dev

Next, install eslint-plugin-rulesdir:

$ npm install eslint-plugin-rulesdir --save-dev

Note: If you installed ESLint globally (using the -g flag) then you must also install eslint-plugin-rulesdir globally.


To use this plugin, you must load it manually first and set its RULES_DIR property to a path. The path is resolved from the current working directory, and indicates where you would like the plugin to load your rules from. This is easiest if you use a JavaScript config file (.eslintrc.js), and use a local installation of ESLint.

// .eslintrc.js
const rulesDirPlugin = require('eslint-plugin-rulesdir');
rulesDirPlugin.RULES_DIR = 'tools/eslint-rules'; // (an example folder where your rules might be stored)

Then you should add rulesdir to the plugins section of your .eslintrc.js file.

  plugins: [

Finally, you can configure your local rules, prefixed with rulesdir/.

  rules: {
    'rulesdir/my-internal-foo-rule': 'error',
    'rulesdir/my-internal-bar-rule': ['warn', 2]

All of the rules from your configured rules directory will be available. In this example, we assumed there were rule files in tools/eslint-rules/my-internal-foo-rule.js and tools/eslint-rules/my-internal-bar-rule.js.

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