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Version control #116

fabiospampinato opened this issue Dec 28, 2018 · 28 comments

Version control #116

fabiospampinato opened this issue Dec 28, 2018 · 28 comments
enhancement New feature or request


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Native support for version-controlled notes would be awesome.

We should probably leverage git to enable this and other features.

@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato added the enhancement New feature or request label Dec 28, 2018
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dawadam commented Dec 29, 2018

Of course, automatic version control (git) !

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joschi commented Dec 29, 2018

Maybe isomorphic-git would be a viable library to support this.
It's also used by Antora.

@fabiospampinato fabiospampinato changed the title Add version control Version control Dec 30, 2018
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Hooks for calling custom scripts when relevant changes are made to notebooks would already help quite a bit with Git support (at least until a full-fledged solution can be developed).

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obillard commented Jan 9, 2019

This feature would be wonderful.

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atomi commented Jan 15, 2019

Agree with @danielkza
All that I need is to commit and push changes immediately after doing an edit.

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I would love it!

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Not creating a duplicate issue. After reading the tutorial, came to support this! I think integration with Git is all that would be required, no custom version control necessary.

Thanks for some awesome software!

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kinghat commented Feb 1, 2019

this is a wonderful idea

@bendem bendem mentioned this issue Feb 4, 2019
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Great enhancement.

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Today I came across this tweet and seems like a good example of what we could have with Notable version control: a timeline with all the history for a particular note.

Here's a link to the repo:

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Pyvonix commented Apr 12, 2019

This will be very usefull feature!

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rmawatson commented Jul 23, 2019

Git integration would be really great. Currently I have just init a git repo in the .noteable dir and I'm manually commiting and pushing every so often. But having either a git button per note to commit it (or commit & push) or a global commit push all changes to all notes would be nice

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vogler commented Jul 24, 2019

Until something is integrated, the following works:

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skyox commented Sep 27, 2019

This will be very Usefull and Wanderfull feature!

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gnzlbg commented Jan 14, 2020

It would be awesome if one could setup the App to use a particular github (or gitlab, or whatever) repo for backup, and this automatically synced notes across devices (e.g. one modifies a note in phone, the modification gets automatically committed to git, and the desktop app automatically pulls it).

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Member Author

@gnzlbg you pretty much can do that already, somebody posted a script somewhere (I don't remember where) that automatically commits changes, pushes them and fetches changes.

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@fabiospampinato do you have any clue where can we start to search that script?

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Member Author

@joaochenriques I think it was posted on the subreddit:

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It was me. this is the script for Windows. I've scheduled it to run every 15 minutes

@echo off

for /f "tokens=1-4 delims=/ " %%i in ("%date%") do (
	set day=%%i
	set month=%%j
	set year=%%k

for /f "tokens=1-4 delims=: " %%i in ("%time%") do (
	set hour=%%i
	set minute=%%j

cd C:\Path\To\Your\Notebook

git pull && git add --all && git commit -m "Auto update %year%-%month%-%day% %hour%:%minute%" && git push origin master

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guys, is the plan here to have that built in in future version, or that is currently discarded ?

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Member Author

@diogopublio this issue is the "Future" milestone so I'd say it's planned, if it were discarded I would have closed this issue.

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cryoff commented Aug 22, 2021

Are there any updates planned (as of now)?

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The "Run on Save" option as described here ( looks appealing. After setting up a repository, it would be nice for the save command to push to GitHub in addition to showing that saved alert box.

This is an awesome app!

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It would be cool if the terminal can be opened up in it (as an option of course) so that its possible to do version control locally.

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We ( use git as the backend and plan to build an easy-to-use git SDK. That SDK might be of benefit to notable in the future. Feel free to reach out

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MrYutz commented Mar 4, 2023

It was me. this is the script for Windows. I've scheduled it to run every 15 minutes

Thanks for the inspiration!

I created a version for zsh that does the following interesting things:

  • pull from git if the note folder doesn't exist
  • commit only if there are changes
  • runs on allowed hostnames. I use some startup scripts in docker etc and don't want notes on those hosts
  • creates a cronjob to run every $SYNC_INTERVAL minutes
  • auto commits and pushes changes.

# Set the Git repository URL

# Set the script path

# Set the notes folder path

# Set the list of allowed hostnames
ALLOWED_HOSTNAMES=("hostname1" "hostname2" "hostname3")

# Get the hostname of the current machine

# Set the Git repository commit message

# Set the sync interval in minutes

# Save the current working directory

# Check if the current hostname is in the list of allowed hostnames
if [[ " ${ALLOWED_HOSTNAMES[@]} " =~ " ${CURRENT_HOSTNAME} " ]]; then
  # If the hostname is allowed, proceed with the script
  # Check if the notes folder exists in the user's home directory
  if [ ! -d "$NOTES_FOLDER" ]; then
    # If the notes folder doesn't exist, perform a git clone
    git clone "$GIT_REPO" "$NOTES_FOLDER" >/dev/null 2>&1
    # If the notes folder already exists, perform a git pull to update it
    cd "$NOTES_FOLDER" && git pull >/dev/null 2>&1

  # Check if the notes folder is a Git repository
  if [ ! -d "$NOTES_FOLDER/.git" ]; then
    # If the notes folder is not a Git repository, exit the script

  # Return to the original working directory
  cd "$START_DIR" >/dev/null 2>&1

  # Check if there are changes in the notes folder
  if [ -n "$(cd $NOTES_FOLDER && git status --porcelain)" ]; then
    # If there are changes, commit and sync with Git
    cd "$NOTES_FOLDER" && git add -A  >/dev/null 2>&1 && git commit -m "$COMMIT_MESSAGE"  >/dev/null 2>&1 && git push >/dev/null 2>&1

  # Check if the cron job is already running
  if ! crontab -l 2>/dev/null | grep -q "$SCRIPT_PATH"; then
    # Add the cron job to the crontab file with the sync interval
    (echo "*/$SYNC_INTERVAL * * * * $SCRIPT_PATH") | crontab - >/dev/null 2>&1

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hi, i am no it. but i like this tool, and i wanna konw ,how to save the picture upload ,and the picture like can be orgnize for other online markdown tools .

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Hi @dexterlaw! It looks like you have a help request unrelated to this issue. I'd recommend asking about that in Notable's Discord server:

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