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Welcome to the euler_bench wiki, because it’s a wiki please feel free to edit this document to include any knowledge on the topic that you wish to share, it is greatly appreciated.

goals and plans

please see The Plan

Naming Conventions

File in each directory are named according to:

< language >/< 3-digit euler problem >/< 2-digit implementation ‘id’ >.< extension >

For example, the perl5 solution for problem one using one algorithm would be:

  • perl5/001/01.pl

If there is another possible solution to problem one in perl 5 it would be:

  • perl5/001/02.pl

The same solution, using the second algorithm in perl 6 would be:

  • perl6/001/02.pl

The hope is to be able to identify the way that a problem was solved across any number of languages so that we can correctly be able to both benchmark the overall differences of both the language implementation and the algorithms.