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Fast-Symbolic-Emulation-Engine. CTFer tool. Save time on the highway. like Angr .
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Under construction.....

The C++ Dynamic symbolic executor like angr.

The engine was developed to solve some of angr's more intractable problems.

examples的exp还没写。 目前还不建议深入了解该工具,接口还没写完整

Advantages:The present does not represent the future

Angr TriggerBug
the code -----------------| |------------------- ------------------------------------------
model -unicorn(fast)--| |--angr engine- 【real&symbol】Completely mixed
language -----c/c++ ----| | -python(slowly)- c++/c(Fast)
translator -----qemu ----| | -valgrind(Single)- valgrind(Multi)
solve thread Single thread Multi-threaded
thread of emu process Single thread Multi-threaded
compress state method semi-automatic manual
guest arch Common arch only AMD64(Subsequent support for other architectures)
host arch/system Common arch/system AMD64/win64(Subsequent support for other architectures)
binary load python module:cle(Incomplete loading)slowly (python)memdump from ida(1:1 Fully symbolic loading)fast
speed like qemu

.. It is possible that I have misunderstood angr, so I apologize again


Now only support win64 host machine. Use camke and Virual Studio 2017 with Intel compiler.


Dlls & python module

How to use

Put the TriggerBug.dll and libz3.dll you download in TriggerBug\PythonFrontEnd\TriggerBug\libs

cd ./TriggerBug/PythonFrontEnd
python install

Put the TriggerBug\PythonFrontEnd\ida-plugins folder in ${ your installation path of ida }

open ida, make a backpoint(bpt). When you get to the bpt, you need to delete the bpt and (Shift-2) to dump binary.

Then add path of [xxx.dump] file at


Finally, Modify some simulator configurations in [binaryVexConfig.xml].

import TriggerBug
# import z3 # Don't use the built-in z3 module
import TriggerBug.z3 as z3
top_state = TriggerBug.TopState(file_name=r'./easygo.xml',need_record=True)
name:           .rodata address:0000000000496000 data offset:00000008ce length:000004e99a
name:        .noptrdata address:000000000055f000 data offset:000004f270 length:000000ccfc
name:            [vdso] address:00007ffff7ffe000 data offset:000005bf9c length:0000001000
name:             .text address:0000000000401000 data offset:000005cfb4 length:00000945a6
test ok


Salute to you

Thanks to the developers of the Z3 ,Valgrind and Angr projects.

I patched the Valgrind to support multi-thread.


Want to contribute? Great!

Warmly welcome to join us in the development. Study together.

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