Scraping and Parsing CNN Transcripts
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CNN Transcripts

CNN provides transcripts for its shows at

The transcripts are available for shows starting 1999/10/01. See However, we get a 'Page not found' error when we follow links until 1999/12/31. So we started scraping the data from 2000/01/01.

CNN went through a few HTML styles of the news transcripts between 2000/01/01and 2014. So there are two scapers to parse the different HTML styles:


The parsed data are posted at For copyright reasons, access is restricted for research purposes only. The data are split into 6 files:

  • cnn-1.csv. Data from 2000/01/01--2000/04/20. No. of transcripts = 7017
  • cnn-2.csv. Data from 2000/04/21--2001/04/03. No. of transcripts = 21381
  • cnn-3.csv. Data from 2001/04/04--2002/08/06. No. of transcripts = 35269
  • cnn-4.csv. Data from 2002/08/07--2002/09/16. No. of transcripts = 2343
  • cnn-5.csv. Data from 2002/09/17--2012/05/18. No. of transcripts = 101336
  • cnn-6.csv. Data from 2012/05/19--2014/06/17. No. of transcripts = 23536

Total number of transcripts: 190,882


  • 2000-04-21 New format error
  • 2000-04-22 content within


  • 2001-04-04 No URL prefix, subheader ==> h4, content next table
  • Scripts from 2014