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gpio_keys_device is a kernel module for registering a gpio_keys device.


modprobe gpio_keys_device arguments

Keys argument

This is a comma separated list of keys. Each key can have several configuration values. If values are left out, the default is used.
gpio and code is required.
Format: gpio:code:type:active_low:debounce_interval:can_disable:value:wakeup:irq
Example setting debounce_interval: 23:108:::10

  • gpio
    GPIO number
  • code
    input event code (KEY_, SW_)
    Find values under the Keys and buttons heading in include/uapi/linux/input.h
  • type
    input event type (EV_KEY=1, EV_SW=5, EV_ABS=3)
  • active_low
    The key is active LOW. HIGH is the default.
  • debounce_interval
    debounce ticks interval in msecs
  • can_disable
    Key can be disabled
  • value
    axis value for EV_ABS
  • wakeup
    configure the button as a wake-up source
  • irq
    Use to override default irq (not used by polled driver)

Other arguments

  • poll_interval
    polling interval in msecs - for polling driver only (default=20)
  • repeat
    enable input subsystem auto repeat
  • polled
    use polled driver: gpio_keys_polled instead of interrupt driven: gpio_keys
  • active_low
    Set active_low=1 as default
  • debounce_interval
    Set default debounce_interval (default=5)
  • type
    Set default event type (default=EV_KEY)
  • pullup
    Enable internal pull up resistor for all (only on Raspberry Pi)
  • pulldown
    Enable internal pull down resistor for all (only on Raspberry Pi)
  • verbose
    0 - silent (default)
    1 - print values to kernel log
    2 - more output
    3 - even more output


Switches are active LOW and uses the internal pullup resistors. Keys is arrow keys and Enter key.

modprobe gpio_keys_device pullup active_low keys=23:103,17:108,18:105,21:106,22:28