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npm version

Simple WebAudio based resampling library.

Runs on all modern browsers which support WebAudio.


npm install audio-resampler


resampler = require('audio-resampler');
resampler(input, targetSampleRate, oncomplete);

input : Input audio file. This can either be a URL, a File object, or an AudioBuffer.

targetSampleRate : The target sample rate after the re-sampling process. This number is limted based on the browser implementation (usually >=3000, <=192000)

oncomplete: Callback when the resampling process is completed. The argument to this callback is an Object which supports the following methods:

getAudioBuffer : Returns the resampler AudioBuffer

getFile : Returns a ObjectURL of a WAV file created from the resampled Audio.

Example Usage

resampler = require('audio-resampler');
var URL = ""
resampler(URL, 192000, function(event){
		var a = document.createElement("a");
		document.body.appendChild(a); = "resampled.wav"; = "display: none";
		a.href = fileEvent;;


To test this repository, you can run a local server using the npm start command which serves a simple drag-and-drop interface based webpage to resampler audio files.

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