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You know how sometimes you type English and it has all these letters and words and no emoji? Yeah, emoji-translate fixes that.

Sample demo

omg emoji

This is what you actually want, right? Can't blame you. Here you go. 👏

As a library

You can also use this as a standalone library for your own translation purposes.


npm install moji-translate


translate = require('moji-translate');

console.log(translate.translate("the house is on fire and the cat is eating the cake"));

The emoji-translate api has 5 methods:

  • isMaybeAlreadyAnEmoji -- returns true if a character is already an emoji
  • getAllEmojiForWord(word) -- returns a list of possible emoji translations
  • getEmojiForWord(word) -- returns a random translation from the list returned by getAllEmojiForWord(word)
  • translate(chunk, onlyEmoji) -- returns a translation of the whole chunk of text. If onlyEmoji is true, then the untranslatable words are removed
  • translateForDisplay -- calls translate but returns a <span> element that contains either the original word, or the emoji translation, ready for display (either as a span, or a <select> if multiple translations are available)

Chrome extension

There's also a Chrome extension that lets you translate any page on the internet to emoji. Your nightmares are finally over.


This was made as part of an ⚡️emoji hackday⚡️ and is powered by emojilib, a magical json file of emoji names and keywords y'all should use in all your projects.