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This is where the Novoda team do all their hacking


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Adam Brown ouchadam authored


This is where the Novoda team do all their hacking

Practicing a new dojo

  • find the dojo's module you want to attempt this will be a module under the root dir
  • inside this copy the default directory and name it with the date and your name or pairing name
  • this dir you just copied should have instructions to run the dojo as well as any example code
|- theKata
  |- default
  |- 01012014-yourname-pairsname
  • add the copied kata to the root settings.gradle as theKata:01012014-yourname-pairsname
include: 'theKata:default', 'theKata:01012014-yourname-pairsname'

Running a new dojo

  • create a new directory inside root with the dojo's name
  • create a default directory within which contains the build.gradle file and any template source code to start from
  • a dojo level build.gradle containing
subprojects {
    apply from: '../default/build.gradle'

should be added to keep all the implementations using the same build

  • implementations of the dojo should be at the same directory level as the default directory
|- myKata
  |- default
  |- someonesImpl
  • add the finished kata's to the root settings.gradle as dojo:implName
include: 'myKata:default'
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