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Welcome to the lazyblorg wiki!

Please do read the lazyblorg README first.

The Wiki contains reference information for users of lazyblorg and people who want to look into the source code of lazyblorg.

For users of lazyblorg:

  • Page Types - the five different types of pages of a lazyblorg blog
    • a definitive must-read
  • Orgmode Elements - what Org-mode syntax elements you can use in lazyblorg and how they differ from Org-mode syntax
    • most probably a must-read
  • Feeds - Atom feeds generated to notify your visitors on new articles
  • FAQs - frequently asked questions
  • Roadmap - what will be developed in the future
  • Project Origin - some stories about the origin of this project and its name
  • Similar Projects - other static Org-mode to HTML conversion tools

For people who want to dive into the source code:

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