Demonstrating the generation of an ACM paper using Emacs Org-mode and LaTeX export
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Reproducible Research with Emacs Org-mode

This paper was submitted to and was accepted at i-KNOW 2012 in Graz, Austria.

The content of the source file (and the results in iKNOW2012-orgmode-demo.pdf) is the documentation of the workflow presented here.


One important aspect of open science is the ability to reproduce results using the published data set. For this purpose it is crucial to use similar methods and tools as the original author producing the same result set. Reproducible research is a movement that tries to bridge this gap: within one single set of data one can not only find the raw data but also the methods and tools to process the data. The ultimate discipline is to complete this cycle from the raw data up to the presentation in the derived paper. Using a simple example this paper demonstrates how to combine raw data, scripts of various languages, and the describing text of a paper in one single file.


This file contains the main content: the Org-mode file version of the ACM paper which can be generated with make.


The Makefile defines the process on how to generate the ACM paper. This method ensures a working process independent from personal Emacs settings.

Use make to re-generate the PDF version of the paper.

Use make clean to remove temporary files.

CSV files

The CSV files contain some example data which is used to demonstrate calculations and evaluation.

Org-mode demo (reference)

An independent Org-mode demo which demonstrates some basic features of Org-mode can be found on: