A scala dsl for ssh.
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rugu: a Scala DSL for SSH

A REPL session, starting with the Ssh object which handles scoped connections and executions.

import com.novus.rugu._

scala> val ssh = Ssh(Host("xx"), UsernameAndPassword("xx", "xx"), Some("/home/chrs/.ssh/known_hosts"))
ssh: com.novus.rugu.SshSession = com.novus.rugu.SshSession@c7d9406

Let's start by printing the date on the server:

ssh("date" :| println)
Sun Aug 21 15:27:58 EDT 2011
res2: Either[Throwable,Unit] = Right(())

Again, but this time we'll return the value as a string:

scala> ssh("date" :| identity)
res9: Either[Throwable,String] = Right(Sun Aug 21 01:13:34 EDT 2011)

Let's add 1 to a random number from the server.

scala> ssh("echo $RANDOM" :#| { (_:Int) + 1 })
res0: Either[Throwable,Int] = Right(1639)

What about users in the system?

scala> ssh("cat /etc/passwd | cut -d ':' -f 1" ::| { _.map(identity) })
res1: Either[Throwable,List[String]] = Right(List(root, bin, daemon, adm, lp, sync, shutdown ...

Output can be ignored.

scala> ssh("touch new_file")                                                         
res2: Either[Throwable,Unit] = Right(())

Or it can be redirected to a local file (currently only character streams):

scala> ssh("hostname" :> "host.txt")
res3: Either[Throwable,Unit] = Right(())

Concatenation (of character streams) to a file is supported:

scala> ssh("echo \"hello `hostname`!\"" :>> "host.txt" )      
res4: Either[Throwable,Unit] = Right(())

Input can be provided to the remote command:

scala> ssh("hello\nhi\nsalut" |: "grep hi" :| identity)
res2: Product with Either[Throwable,String] = Right(hi)

Execution will fail as a Left value if the command returns a non-zero exit status:

scala> ssh("hello world" |: "grep hi" :| identity)                               
res4: Product with Either[Throwable,String] = Left(java.lang.RuntimeException: Non-zero exit status! 1)

You can short circuit the failure on non-zero by handling the result explicitly:

scala> ssh.exec("fhh\nhi" |: "grep hi && dwd" :| identity) { case (s, _, e) => s -> e.toString }                      
res1: Product with Either[Throwable,(Int, java.lang.String)] = 
Right((127,bash: dwd: command not found

The explicit handler receives a Tuple3 of the exit status, transformed result, and the error stream as a ByteArrayOutputStream.


  • With the exception of |:, operators are all prefixed with : for consistency and equal precedence.
  • General pipe (:#|) operations are type-safe; instances of the StreamProcessor type class transform the raw stream into the format requred by the function.
  • A StreamProcessor identity instance is provided if you need to get at the raw stream.
  • The string pipe :| and string list pipe ::| operators are specializations of the general pipe to String and List[String], respectively. These are mere conveniences for common formats that remove inference ambiguities.