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Small openFrameworks addon to encrypt and decrypt strings using the AES-256 algorithm which comes with OpenSSL's libcrypto library integrated into OF core.
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Small openFrameworks addon for the encryption and decryption of texts using the AES-256 algorithm.

The AES-256 support comes with OpenSSL's libcrypto library integrated into OpenFrameworks core. No additional library needed.

Tested on Android with openFrameworks 0.8.0


ofxLibcrypto aes;
std::string strkey = "01234567890123456789012345678901"; //put here your scret key
std::string striv = "01234567890123456"; // put here your vector
unsigned char *key = (unsigned char*)strkey.c_str();
unsigned char *iv = (unsigned char*)striv.c_str();
aes.initialize(key, iv);
std::string encrypted_text = aes.encrypt("This is a plain text!");
std::string plain_text = aes.decrypt(encrypted_text);
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