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API Documentation


Unfortunately, the software I use to auto-generate my API docs relies on a library that isn't fully compatible with PHP5.6. It chokes when you attempt to import namespaced functions. I am working on either forking the library and fixing it myself or finding another solution. But in the mean time, my API docs will not be available. Feel free to e-mail me directly if you have any questions that you would normally consult the API docs for. Thank you for your patience.

.. todo::

    **Issue #85**

    * Need to customize and complete your fork of ``sphpdox/sphpdox`` so that you can auto-generate your API docs entirely within Sphinx
    * Write custom stylesheet to improve the pages produced by sphpdox library
    * Clean up the template being used by sphpdox library
    * Convert API docs for previous CSVelte versions from ApiGen to Sphinx
    * Once this is all implemented and API docs hosted on RTD, remove old API Docs

.. toctree::


.. todo::

    **Issue #111**

    In the mean time, while you're waiting for the sphpdox upgrade mentioned above...

        * Come up with a solution for hosting multiple versions of API docs
        * should always point to most up-to-date docs
        * should always point to most recent stable version's docs
        * should always point to most up-to-date docs for the v0.1 release
        * Ideally you would have some way of redirecting using some program logic rather than having to duplicate api docs for /master, /stable, /v0.2/master, and /v0.2/stable, etc.