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WIN|LINUX license: MIT

QuickPuTTY is a plugin for Sublime Text that allows you to save SSH sessions for quick access to them. It will be useful for those who often use SSH.

Supports folders with a unique navigation system, making it easy to add or remove sessions on the go (manual JSON editing is also possible).

Works with the free open source terminal emulator PuTTY.

Check out how quickly you can start an SSH session without entering username and password:


Plugin is available on Package Control and can be installed as follows:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + P, then enter Package Control: Install Package
  2. Choose QuickPuTTY in the list of available packages

After installation, you can find settings and README by going to Preferences > Package Settings > QuickPuTTY in nav-bar.


Create folder

  1. Go to PuTTY > New session/folder in the nav-bar and select Folder option
  2. Choose location to place new folder
  3. Enter folder name

Create session

  1. Go to PuTTY > New session/folder in the nav-bar and select Session option
  2. Choose location to place new session
  3. Enter server host/ip, port, username and password (last two are optional)

Edit sessions and folders

  1. Go to PuTTY > Manage sessions in the nav-bar
  2. Edit data
  3. Do not forget to save the file

Remove session/folder

  1. Go to PuTTY > Remove session/folder in the nav-bar
  2. Select a session or folder you want to remove using the Choose location system

Choosing location

At each stage, you'll see a list of options:

item meaning
### Choose location ### Just a title
<HERE> Select this if you want to place session/folder in current location
{folder_1} Select a folder name to navigate into it
. . . . . .

The plugin was tested on Windows 10 (21H1) x64 and Ubuntu 18.04.03. If you have found a bug, mistake, or a typo, you are very welcome to contact me (e.g. on or open a new GitHub issue.

You can find the latest version of PuTTY on

Copyright © 2021 Nikita Paniukhin

License: MIT