Testing the performance between React Native and Haul Packagers
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React Native packager or Haul ?

An experiment to determine the performance characteristics of the stock React Native packages vs Webpack based Haul.

Automated testing

To run all the test cases under src/cases, clone this repo, run npm install and then npm test. To view detailed logs for the tests, ensure that you set an environment variable export DEBUG='hvrn:*'.

The results are available in _results.json. The tests can be run multiple times to aggregate the results in the json file.

Manual Profiling

  1. Download this repo
  2. Install node dependencies using npm install
  3. Run npm test
  4. Run cd tmp/react_native_app
  5. To get the transform time for React Native app, run react-native start --resetCache.
  6. To see transform time for Haul, run haul start --platform ios.

These show the first transform times for each packager. To see how they react to changes, change App.js file. Note that for React Native packager to trigger a re-transform, you may need to fetch the bundle again using curl http://localhost:8081/index.ios.bundle