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2 parents de720cd + e10a2d6 commit 7eae5dba24fcf0b27fee43ce04ce30a42d9dc080 @npinto committed Jul 4, 2012
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@@ -616,6 +616,7 @@ xorg-server: install/xorg-server
install/nvidia-drivers: install/portage-dirs install/gcc install/xorg-server
cp -f {files,${EPREFIX}}/etc/portage/package.keywords/${me}
cp -f {files,${EPREFIX}}/etc/portage/package.use/${me}
+ cp -f {files,${EPREFIX}}/etc/portage/package.mask/${me}
${EMERGE} -uN -q -j x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers
eselect opengl set nvidia
${EMERGE} -uN -q -j app-admin/eselect-opencl

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