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synth, effects and sequence classes for ofxPDSP
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This is my personal repository a set of high level classes that builds upon ofxPDSP. ofxWatchFile is also required for some classes to work, but not on Android and iOS. All the classes have a ofParameterGroup parameters member that can be easily added to a gui for tweaking things faster in realtime. Some np::sequence loads text file in realtime and are updated when the text file changes.

Included np::sequence:

  • Euclidean : euclidean rhythm generator
  • Tracker : file based tracker with probability for each step
  • MarkovChain : file based markov chain sequence
  • Wolfram : wolfram automata to rhymtm

Included np::synth :

  • DataSynth : datasynth class from the data-to-wave example
  • GrainDrone : granular sampler with 4 comb resonators
  • KarplusStrong : karplus strong string synthesizer
  • MultiSampler : from the example-scoring3, good for slicing
  • NoiseDevice : clicks and noise burst synthesizer
  • QuickSampler : loads a single sample right even from the gui on the fly
  • SinePercussion : zaps and beeps percussion
  • WaveSynth : wavetable based synthesizer

Included np::modulator :

  • ClockedLFO : clocked LFO with timing and starting phase control

Included np::meter :

  • RMS : a fast to use RMS meter module

Included np::effect :

  • BasiVerb : pdsp::BasiVerb wrapper with all the parameters on the gui
  • Chorus : pdsp::DimensionChorus with all the parameters on the gui
  • Cruncher : bitcrunching and decimation
  • Ducker : pdsp::Ducker with all the parameters on the gui
  • Filter : multimode filter
  • RingMod : ring modulator
  • StereoDelay : L/R delay with different time

Included np::tuning :

  • PitchTable : a vector of ofxPDSPValue for pitches
  • PureTuning : a vector of pitches generated by integer ratios calculations

Included np::dynamics :

  • Brickwall : brickwall limiter followed by an oversampled soft clipper
  • Compressor : pdsp::Compressor with analog like envelope timing and peak/RMS mode

I will treat everything in the np namespace as in constant alpha state, the code should be bug-free but the API will be subject to change, so if you want to use one of the classes just fork this repo or copy the .h and .cpp files you need.

Nicola Pisanti MIT License 2018.

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