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grncdr commented Apr 24, 2012

These are the changes required in npm for isaacs/fstream-npm#1 to be usable.


isaacs commented Aug 17, 2012

badunk commented Jun 18, 2013

+1, I would like this as well for npm pack. Its nice to be able to deploy an app with all its dependencies in a sandboxed environment.

Listing the dependencies twice can cause unnecessary mistakes, especially in the case where npm install --save dep is used


timoxley commented Jan 8, 2014

@grncdr bump RE #2395 (comment)

Any update on this?


grncdr commented Jan 8, 2014

oh hey, I don't think I ever saw that comment. FWIW I don't actually have any interest in pushing this patch forwards as I adjusted my workflows to not need it long ago. @badunk feel free to grab those diffs and submit a new PR to read-package-json. Also, the pull request for fstream-npm referenced by this one is still open and would need to be merged for this to make any sense. (npm/fstream-npm#1)

grncdr closed this Jan 8, 2014


rlidwka commented Jan 24, 2014

What about this syntax?:

bundleDependencies: [

Where each subsequent line overrides previous one, and "!" negates it's effect?..

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