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Repo for data processing of the All Songs Considered best album poll
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All Songs Considered - EOY Best Album Poll

What is this?

A repository for cleaning, processing, weighting and ranking the form responses of the NPR Music End of Year Music poll. This code is inspired by the work from the 2016 music poll blog post, and there is an updated blog post for changes to the 2017 music poll.

There are two versions of this codebase. The major difference is that the master branch includes weighting of albums, while the turning-tables branch does not.

In order to cluster the data, we used dedupe. We chose the library csvdedupe because it uses supervised machine learning techniques to detect similar entries and cluster them.

To make our data transformation pipeline more compact and reusable, we used GNU Make. We have one central Makefile with two main actions: dedupe and rank. We separated the processes to allow for a manual review checkpoint after using csvdedupe to cluster album/artist key pairs. We found that it's best to check before ranking because of oddities in the user-submitted data like inputting an artist in the album spot and vice versa. These misclassifications impacted our top 150 classification, so we added an extra step to ensure accuracy using OpenRefine to make small adjustments.

This codebase is licensed under the MIT open source license. See the LICENSE file for the complete license.


  • You are using Python 2.7. (Probably the version that came OSX.)
  • You have virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper installed and working.
  • GNU make


cd allsongsconsidered-poll
mkvirtualenv allsongsconsidered-poll
pip install -r requirements.txt

Run Project

  • Publish the form responses spreadsheet or a copy of it to leave the form and spreadsheet as a csv. Follow instructions here

NOTE: The spreadsheet headers will have to match DUPE_DICT_KEYS in the clean_ballot_stuffing script.

  • Copy the url of the spreadsheet published as a csv we'll need to provide that as a parameter.

Having done that we are going to use the first of two makefiles commandds to execute our data transformation process.

  • make dedupe CSV_URL=''

Review the results on OpenRefine.

OpenRefine screenshot

If you make changes inside OpenRefine then you'll need to

  1. Export the modified dataset into a csv file from OpenRefine.
  2. Override the following makefile variables on the command file the RANK_DATA_DIR & RANK_INPUT_FILE.
  • make rank RANK_DATA_DIR=output RANK_INPUT_FILE=allsongs_responses_deduped_refine.csv

If you did not make any changes on OpenRefine you can proceed with

  • make rank

The Top 100 should be available on output/allsongs_responses_top100.csv

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