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Mute Filters for Events and Common Tweets
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Mute Filters for Events and Common Tweets

This repository controls, a list of social mute filters. Currently, focused mostly on Twitter/Tweetbot, but with potential to expand into the future.

Site Structure

The site uses Jekyll so that it may render on GitHub pages. All filters are kept in the directory _posts/.

Filter Frontmatter

All filters have some required YAML frontmatter, as seen below:

layout: post # this should remain post
title:  "Facebook Acquisition of Oculus VR" # the title of the post
short: "Oculus Acquisition" # a shorter title (will be included in copied filter)
date:   2014-03-25 15:34:32 # the date
filter: (?i)(occ?ulus|facebook.+(buy|purchase|acqui)) # your filter, can be a regex or string
regex: true # whether or not your filter is a regex


If you wish to add a new filter or fix and existing one, simply make a pull request to the repository.

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