MikroTik Winbox converted to macOS app using WineBottler
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winbox-mac is MikroTik Winbox converted to macOS app using WineBottler. Icon is from Winbox4Mac used with Joshaven Potter permission.


Can be easily installed with Homebrew Cask:

brew cask install nrlquaker-winbox


Recommended way to update is to use winbox inner updater: Tools -> Check For Updates. If you want to update using brew cask please check Notes.


Managed addresses are saved to ~/Library/Application Support/com.mikrotik.winbox_$(id). The id is different for each version of the app. So if you want keep them after updating not with winbox inner updater, you have to save them in the old version using Tools -> Export... then load in the new one with Tools -> Import...


Current version is based on Winbox 3.18


winbox-mac screenshot


winbox-mac is released under the MIT License