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Easy to install, secure and lightweight dockerfiles.


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Light, simple and secure docker images.


My goal is to produce easy to setup, easy to maintain and secure by default dockerfiles using alpine linux.
I try to keep them as clean and generic as possible but sometimes, they're more set for my needs (I use them after all).

The stable directory is for dockerfiles that I currently use and maintain.
They are documented and updated.

The unstable directory is for dockerfiles in progress or subject to big changes.
They can break or not function at all. They have no documentation.

The unmaintained directory is for dockerfiles that I don't use anymore.
They were good enough for me before but since I don't use them, I don't update them.

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etherpad 205 MB stable
freshrss 89.9 MB stable
kanboard 57.9 MB stable
privatebin 31.4 MB stable
syncthing 31.9 MB stable