Port of the lemon parser generator to the Go programming language
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From the golang-nuts mailing list (with few modifications):

--== intro ==--

Hi. I just want to announce a simple port of the lemon parser generator
to the Go programming language.

Shortly: Lemon is a LALR(1) parser generator, similar to yacc, but is
much simpler. Also it has few neat features, like:
 - It is thread-safe and re-entrant
 - Tokenizer calls the parser, instead of parser calls tokenizer
   (the opposite of yacc/bison)
 - Uses no global variables, allows to run multiple parsers
 - Auto-generation of token symbol constants (yacc/bison requires a
 - No need to count grammar symbols, they can be named (nice names
   instead of $1 $2 $3)
 - etc..

The Lemon is developed as a part of the sqlite project. The generator code is
quite horrible, but it works and I believe it is very solid. Of course it has
few drawbacks, but.. :)

Lemon homepage:

--== golemon specific info ==--

I don't know whether I will support the golemon or not, but at least if someone
likes lemon (like me), he/she has a decent (I hope so) base for his/her
experiments now.

I've successfully compiled and executed the very beginning of this

See also 'examples' directory.

Hopefully, I will have enough enthusiasm to fix some of the obvious
issues (see TODO).