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Command-line tool to manage CA certificates
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A simple CA management tool
(c) 2012 Andy Smith <> / Northstar Networks


ca-mgmt is a simple CA management tool, written in bash, and inspired
by Kees Leune's "Setting up your own certificate authority" guide

ca-mgmt will set up a root CA, then set up two further CAs for sites
and users, and finally sign the latter two with the former.


$ ./ca-mgmt -i

This will create the necessary directories and files needed for the CAs.
An openssl.cnf config file will be created with some default values
under the 'root-ca' directory. Follow the prompts, and the CA
certificates and keys will be generated.


  -i          Initialise the CAs.
  -x          Destroy the CAs.
  -c <name>   Create a certificate signing request and key for <name>.
  -s <name>   Sign a certificate signing request for <name>.


  -t <type>   Specify the CA type ('site' or 'user' by default).
              This option is required for -c and -s.
  -k <size>   Specify the size of the key in bits. If given along with
              -i, this will be the size of the key generated for the CAs.
              Defaults to 4096.
  -l <days>   Specify the validity (in days) of certificate signing
              requests and certificates. If given along with -i, this
              will be the length of the CA certificates.
              Defaults to 3650 (10 years).
  -d          Turn on debugging.

  Initialisation-specific options

  -f          Specify an existing openssl.cnf file to use. This will be
              copied in instead of generating a new one.
  -1          Specify the organisation name.
  -2          Specify the locality (towm/city).
  -3          Specify the county/state/province.
  -4          Specify the two-letter country code.
  -5          Specify the organisational unit.
  -6          Specify the e-mail address.

  (options -1 through -6 will be used to generate openssl.cnf)


* Certificate revocation. The directories exist for this, but hasn't been
  implemented fully yet.
* Management of existing certificates.


Andy Smith <>


The latest copy of ca-mgmt can always be downloaded from Github at:-

Any bug reports or feature requests can be made at:-


ca-mgmt is released under the terms of the BSD 2-Clause License. A copy of
this license should be included in any distribution of ca-mgmt, within the
file 'LICENSE'.

In case it is not, you can find a copy of the license at:-

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