The official Go package for NSQ
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test refactor tests and add additional TLS tests Aug 25, 2014
.travis.yml switch to golang/snappy Dec 29, 2016 bump v1.0.6 stable Jun 4, 2016
LICENSE add LICENSE Oct 2, 2014 docs: update README Oct 18, 2015 s/bitly/nsqio Aug 29, 2015
api_request.go remove go-simplejson dependency Apr 30, 2015
command.go add DPUB May 2, 2015
command_test.go remove test logging cruft Feb 22, 2015
config.go update FullJitterStrategy Calculate to not bound by cfg.MaxBackoffDur… Jul 15, 2015
config_flag.go Fix CS Feb 14, 2017
config_flag_test.go s/bitly/nsqio Aug 29, 2015
config_test.go Allow BackoffStrategy to be set via flag Mar 23, 2015
conn.go switch to golang/snappy Dec 29, 2016
consumer.go logging: fix 'backing off for x' message formatting Dec 22, 2016
consumer_test.go remove go-simplejson dependency Apr 30, 2015
delegates.go fix some lint, vet, fmt issues May 2, 2015
errors.go Check updateRDY return error, clear backoffDuration on success Mar 24, 2015
message.go DecodeMessage: fix formatting of docstring (#193) Sep 29, 2016
mock_test.go test: add test for single conn disconnect during backoff Apr 8, 2015
producer.go Expose DeferredPublish command on producer Sep 29, 2015
producer_test.go TestProducerConnection() now green on OSX. fixes #161. Oct 3, 2015
protocol.go make #ephemeral topic names valid to match nsq changes Nov 19, 2014
states.go remove unused states Oct 31, 2016 test: bump to Go 1.5.1 and cleanup Sep 13, 2015
version.go bump v1.0.6 stable Jun 4, 2016


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The official Go package for NSQ.


See godoc and the main repo apps directory for examples of clients built using this package.


Tests are run via ./ (which requires nsqd and nsqlookupd to be installed).