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Added parameter to exclude module names by regex #3

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I keep my test code in the same folders as the production code. So I needed a way to exclude certain modules from the dependency graph. For example:

python -x "Test|Mock" .
@nst nst merged commit 4b690e2 into nst:master

thank you for the improvement

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Commits on May 7, 2012
  1. @jonreid
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@@ -22,43 +22,53 @@
from sets import Set
import re
from os.path import basename
+import argparse
regex_import = re.compile("^#(import|include) \"(?P<filename>\S*)\.h")
-def gen_filenames_imported_in_file(path):
+def gen_filenames_imported_in_file(path, regex_exclude):
for line in open(path):
results =, line)
if results:
filename ='filename')
+ if regex_exclude is not None and
+ continue
yield filename
-def dependencies_in_project(path, ext):
+def dependencies_in_project(path, ext, exclude):
d = {}
+ regex_exclude = None
+ if exclude:
+ regex_exclude = re.compile(exclude)
for root, dirs, files in os.walk(path):
objc_files = (f for f in files if f.endswith(ext))
for f in objc_files:
filename = os.path.splitext(f)[0]
+ if regex_exclude is not None and
+ continue
if filename not in d:
d[filename] = Set()
path = os.path.join(root, f)
- for imported_filename in gen_filenames_imported_in_file(path):
+ for imported_filename in gen_filenames_imported_in_file(path, regex_exclude):
if imported_filename != filename and '+' not in imported_filename:
return d
-def dependencies_in_project_with_file_extensions(path, exts):
+def dependencies_in_project_with_file_extensions(path, exts, exclude):
d = {}
for ext in exts:
- d2 = dependencies_in_project(path, ext)
+ d2 = dependencies_in_project(path, ext, exclude)
for (k, v) in d2.iteritems():
if not k in d:
d[k] = Set()
@@ -124,15 +134,15 @@ def print_frequencies_chart(d):
s = "%2d | %s\n" % (i, ", ".join(sorted(list(l[i]))))
-def dependencies_in_dot_format(path):
+def dependencies_in_dot_format(path, exclude):
- d = dependencies_in_project_with_file_extensions(path, ['.h', '.hpp', '.m', '.mm', '.c', '.cc', '.cpp'])
+ d = dependencies_in_project_with_file_extensions(path, ['.h', '.hpp', '.m', '.mm', '.c', '.cc', '.cpp'], exclude)
two_ways_set = two_ways_dependencies(d)
category_list, d = category_files(d)
- pch_set = dependencies_in_project(path, '.pch')
+ pch_set = dependencies_in_project(path, '.pch', exclude)
@@ -185,11 +195,12 @@ def dependencies_in_dot_format(path):
return '\n'.join(l)
def main():
- if len(sys.argv) != 2 or not os.path.exists(sys.argv[1]):
- print "USAGE: $ python %s PROJECT_PATH" % sys.argv[0]
- exit(0)
+ parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
+ parser.add_argument("project_path", help="path to folder hierarchy containing Objective-C files")
+ parser.add_argument("-x", "--exclude", help="regular expression of substrings to exclude from module names")
+ args= parser.parse_args()
- print dependencies_in_dot_format(sys.argv[1])
+ print dependencies_in_dot_format(args.project_path, args.exclude)
if __name__=='__main__':
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