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[[ Grievous Bodily Harm ]]

Build artifacts available here

How to play

Hosting a lobby

When the game opens, press F11 to open the console and write 'a'. This will put you in a local session people can join. (The 'a' command is an alias to 'map mp1-comp')

Joining a lobby

When the game opens, press F11 to open the console and write 'connect [ip/hostname]', your buddy will have to tell you the address.


The game console isn't only used for hosting a lobby and joining it, there's various variables that can be used. The variables are pretty straight-forward:

  • cheats - enables cheat-protected commands [host only]
  • net_forceLatency - force network packets to be sent/arrive with a delay
  • com_maxfps - maximum allowed fps
  • timescale - scale time by an amount [cheat protected]
  • sv_running - is the server running? [read-only]
  • cl_running - is the client running? [read-only]
  • sv_paused - is the server paused? [read-only]
  • cl_paused - is the client paused? [read-only]
  • net_showpackets - show network packets
  • mapname - current map name [read-only]
  • nickname - your nickname
  • fov - field of view in degrees [cheat protected]
  • snd_volume - game audio volume
  • cl_maxpackets - max packets sent per frame
  • cl_snapDelay - amount of time to delay the rendering by
  • sv_gravity - gravity value
  • vid_fullscreen - switch to borderless fullscreen mode
  • vid_xpos - horizontal position on screen
  • vid_ypos - vertical position on screen
  • vid_width - game window width
  • vid_height - game window height
  • r_sunIntensity - sun intensity
  • r_hdr_enable - enable high dynamic range rendering
  • sm_enable - enable shadow mapping
  • sm_filterType - define filtering algorythm to use for shadow mapping


  • connect - connect to specified ip/hostname
  • map - load a map (see map names in Data/Maps/ directory
  • say - send a chat message (only displayed in console currently)
  • quit - exit the game
  • seta - set a config variable. (example: seta "username" "avail")
  • exec - execute a configuration file (example: exec config.cfg)
  • status - show a list of players connected [host only]
  • kick - kick a player by name [host only]
  • clear - clear the console output
  • kill - kill a user [host only]

more to come...


  • libcef UI framework
  • server-side resources
  • python scripting framework
  • ai implementation
  • proper linux support